Public transportations in Jakarta

Jakarta is one big city in Indonesia, or even one of the busiest city in Asia. Year by year this city are growing fast even faster. People from around the world come and do investment in Jakarta. Businessman drop a lot of big investment for their business in this city. This capital city of Indonesia are very busy everyday, as you can see there are very heavy bad traffic jam in every single spots in Jakarta. The world knows about this famous problem in this city. Motorcycles are the kings of the street, probably people who living in Jakarta are thinking that if they have their own vehicle will make their life easier and that’s why this city are very crowded everywhere.

Here we can mention some of the vehicles or public transportations that you can see or even you can choose while you visit Jakarta.

  1. Angkot (sharing car public transport)

This transport are very famous in Indonesia. Angkot is a kind of sharing car, how it works? well, it is very simple, basically you just wait everywhere that the angkot can pass through then if you see the angkot closer you just show your hand for the sign that you will ride that car. Actually, this transportation are not very organizable because they can stop everywhere they want, and sometimes it can make a bad traffic jam. The cost is about 3K IDR – 10K IDR, depends how far you go. You need to pay once you reach your location you want.

Hasil gambar untuk angkot in jakarta

2. Bajaj (similar with tuk-tuk in Thailand)

If you have ever visit Thailand, you must know the public transport called tuk-tuk. Here in Jakarta you can find the same kind of that but it calls Bajaj. This transportation very famous on past time about 1980s-1990s, but on this year Bajaj not really popular anymore. You only can see this transport around central spot in this city. The cost quite expensive i think, you need to pay 10K IDR – 25K IDR depends how far you go, but you need to bargain to the driver strictly until you get a worthed price.

Hasil gambar untuk bajaj in jakarta

3. Bus (Busway or Kopaja)

 Bus are always useful in everywhere. Not only they are cheap but because they are very organize and schedulable. There are two different type of bus here in Jakarta, they are Busway (organize by the government) and Kopaja (organize by Independent). We can suggest that the Busway are more safe then the Kopaja. Kopaja’s system are more like Angkot that they can stop everywhere they want no need bus stop or kind of that, very mess i guess. Busway cost about 3500K IDR per stop but you can transit few times without pay anymore, but Kopaja almost the same price but you have to ready if the busman ask you more cash if your distance more then that normal price.

Hasil gambar untuk bus and kopaja in jakarta

4. Train or KRL

This transportation are famous outside Indonesia i guess, but here in Jakarta quite useful but a little bit mess specially the train station. Train can connect with some others cities close by. You need to pay 3K IDR for the first 25km and if you go more then that far you only need to pay 1K IDR for the next 10km. You can reach others neighbors near by Jakarta such as Bogor, Bekasi, Depok, and Tangerang.  

Hasil gambar untuk train in jakarta

5. Taxi

Taxi are the safest transportation in this city, because they organize by a company and registered in this country. The price are a little bit high quite expensive but this public vehicle are still favorite for the big city like Jakarta. Very easy to get taxi in the city, you can just call them and ask them to come to pick you up at your location or standing on the side of street and stop them for ride. Taxi are very helpful and become a favorite transportation for foreigners.

Hasil gambar untuk taxi in jakarta

6. Online public transportation (Gojek and Grab)

This one are the most popular public transportation in This city even in this country. We call this Gojek or Grab, you can choose which one you want to use. Those online transports are quite cheap and very helpful. so, basically the system are very easy to use. First you need to download the application of those online vehicle. Available on android and IOS too. After that, you just check in to the application and choose the vehicle, not only motorcycle but also car also available on this application. You can see the price after you write the destination and where your starting point. You just need to wait until the driver come to pick you up.

Hasil gambar untuk gojek and grab in jakarta

Those are some of the public transportations that exist in Jakarta. Some of them are cheap and the others are a little bit reasonable price. Depends on how safe the transportation is, if the vehicle are safe, helpful, and comfortable then there is a high price need to pay for it. Enjoy Jakarta!

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